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Animal Architecture

Animal Architecture started as a blog, by architectural school grads Ned Dodington and Jonathan LaRocca, that opened the discussion about how animals are affected by and can be integrated into the built environment. This concept of biologic design has the … Continue reading

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Termites – the Architects of the Insect World

From Australia to Tanzania to Hawaii, termites have been busy creating some the most unique structures in our built environment.  While termites primarily live underground, these structures certainly stretch that boundary. Their size and shape is determined by soil composition and climate, … Continue reading

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High Tech….Turtle?

From 9News comes this cool story about Scorch, the turtle. Scorch’s shell was badly damaged as a result of two traumatic meetings; he was hit by a car and then mauled by dogs. But, modern ingenuity and Dr. Kevin Fitzgerald … Continue reading

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How to Build a Dog

Mix a basset hound with a terrier and what do you get?  A dachshund, the hunting dog round enough to chase its prey into a burrow. We humans have been mixing and matching our dogs to create newer and sometimes … Continue reading

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The Ins and Outs of Modern Animal Shelter Design

From comes this detailed article about recent advances in animal shelter design that are making the lives of animals in shelter care healthier and happier. From adding daylighting, to increasing ventilation, to replacing old chain link fencing with laminated glass … Continue reading

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How New York City Got the Greatest Grid

Via comes this piece on the history of city planning for the greatest city in the world. How do you go from a ‘city’ dotted with farms, empty fields and a cesspool to the impressive grid system that New … Continue reading

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Developing Your Brand

Heather Lewis of Animal Arts writes this month for the ImproMed E-Newsletter about the importance of developing a cogent brand for your business. There are four important steps for branding your business to your clients and potential clients. Take an … Continue reading

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