Excavation Basics

One of our current veterinary projects involves the remodel of an existing building in Los Angeles.  This morning Bryan King sent us these images from the building’s attached parking structure.

For anyone interested in how to dig a 35-foot deep caisson hole in the basement of a parking garage with only 8 feet of headroom… Very slowly.

Step #1, set up remote hydraulic power unit.

Step #2, drill just a little bit at a time… The bit can’t be very long.

Step #3, put plywood over the hole so the dirt doesn’t fall back in.

Step #4,  lower bit onto plywood, put a shovel under the point so it doesn’t go straight through the plywood and back into the hole.

Step #5, brush excavated dirt off the bore by hand and shovel into waiting wheel barrow to be removed from the location.

Steps 6 through ????…. Repeat as necessary for the first 35-foot deep hole, then move on to the next of the 15 holes that will need to be dug in this location.

And, who said architecture isn’t fun!


About Animal Arts

Our Art is the process of designing spaces for the care and shelter of animals by understanding our clients’ needs, goals and aspirations.
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