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The Art of Floor Planning

Creating a floor plan that is efficient, capitalizes on the available space, and makes the most sense for users is a complicated process, especially when you design veterinary hospitals and animal shelters. Spaces designed for the care of animals have … Continue reading

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Kitten Season Takes Its Toll

Every year from spring through fall animals shelters around the nation are faced with a kitten invasion. The Dumb Friends League, whose shelters in Denver and Colorado Springs Animal Arts designed, saw an increase from 350-400 cats in shelter in … Continue reading

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Steampunk Animal Art

Andrew Chase brings new meaning to the world of steampunk with his sleek robotic sculptures. He creates his animals from old auto and plumbing parts.  All the joints are articulated and poseable.  If you wind up the elephant his ears … Continue reading

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Weekend Reader – Chewed

Check out this fabulous coffee table book by Arne Svenson and Ron Warren.  The book contains over 130 photos of pet toys that have literally been loved to death. Warren and Svenson’s photos are a humorous testament to the devotion … Continue reading

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The Art of Fundraising

  One of the most difficult things that any non-profit organization will ever do is attempt to raise the capital necessary for a big project like renovating an existing facility or building new. We often work with non-profit animal shelter … Continue reading

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An Ancient Temple for Modern Cats

At Largo di Torre Argentina, an ancient temple complex excavated during Mussolini’s reign, the feral cats of Rome have found themselves a place to be worshiped. About 250 cats live here, cared for by the gattare, or cat ladies.  Many … Continue reading

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Designing with Feng Shui

In Heather Lewis’s latest article for Impromed she talks about how the Chinese art of design with ‘wind and water’ can help make your veterinary hospital a more harmonious and healing space. Read Heather’s full article at Impromed.

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