Giving a Whole New Meaning to the Command “Speak”

no more woof


no more woof 2























Have you ever wondered what your dog is trying to tell you with a particular woof?

Wonder no more.  No More Woof has created the technology to read your dog’s thought patterns and translate them into words using a mini speaker.

Three models of No More Woof are available for pre-order through indiegogo, the NMW Micro which can distinguish and translate 2-3 thoughts, the NMW Standard which can distinguish 4 or more patterns and the NMW Superior which programs itself, learning more and more about your pet, allowing for the eventual translation of short sentences.

No More Woof is still a prototype and a work in progress.  The developers have hopes for future uses including allowing disabled pets to use the device to control artificial limbs, getting the device to read and translate complex, combination thoughts and the “holy grail” – allowing for two-way communication between dogs and their humans.

To learn more about No More Woof check out their website.


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