Fear-Free Design is Coming!

Veterinarians are trained to protect the health and physical wellness of their animal patients, but the fear and stress that can be caused by the strange environments, unknown people, and clinical handling at a veterinary hospital can be damaging to a pet’s wellbeing, in both the short and long term.  Fearful pets may not go to the vet as often as necessary due to their owners’ reluctance to cause them stress.  Also, animals may have physical problems that are masked by psychological distress, making a veterinary exam less effective.

Fear-Free hospitals break the cycle of fear and its damaging effects by providing approaches to create positive, fear-free relationships between pets and veterinary practices.  This is great for pets and great for veterinary businesses.

The Fear-Free movement is gaining momentum in the industry and designing a hospital to be as stress free as possible is a big part of creating a whole environment that qualifies as Fear-Free for pets.

DVM360 has just published a short preview of the Fear-Free Design Checklist that Animal Arts’ Heather Lewis has been collaborating on with them, with Dr. Marty Becker and the members of his Fear-Free Advisory Board.

See the DVM360 article here.

cover page gragphic

About Animal Arts

Our Art is the process of designing spaces for the care and shelter of animals by understanding our clients’ needs, goals and aspirations.
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