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Sushi Anyone?

From CNN: Sea Lion Sees Lunch Today’s Lesson:  Beware of pilfering sea lions. 

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A Purrfect Business Model

  Welcome to Cafe des Chats, Paris’s newest eatery. Located in the Marais district of the city, the cafe is home to a dozen cats who were adopted from pet rescues.  The cafe’s manager Margaux Gandelon believes in the health benefits … Continue reading

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The Great Nature Project

National Geographic is attempting to create the world’s largest online album of animal and plant photographs. At The Great Nature Project you can share your own photos, take the Daily Photo Challenge, check out the collections or just keep tabs … Continue reading

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Ice Cold Architecture

      Check out these amazing ice sculptures that were crafted for Jilin Province’s annual Jingyue Snow World Festival in the Jingyuetan National Forest in China. These massive sculptures are all carved by hand, without the use of power tools in freezing conditions … Continue reading

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The 50 Best Animal Photos of 2012

    Courtesy of BuzzFeed comes this “definitive collection of the best animal photojournalism of the year.”  Check out all 50 of these amazing images at BuzzFeed.

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This Just In: Cuteness Helps Concentration

  A new study conducted by researchers at Hiroshima University in Japan shows that people experience higher levels of concentration after looking at pictures of puppies and kittens. In their paper entitled “Power of Kawaii” (the Japanese word for cute), … Continue reading

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Kitty the Cat and Buttons the Jack Russell

  At Battersea Cats and Dogs Home in London, England Kitty the Cat and Buttons, a Jack Russell Terrier have adopted each other. Kitty was brought into the shelter as an abandoned one-day old kitten.  Buttons was born at the … Continue reading

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