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Weekend Reader

From the books on our desks: Dr. Sophia Yin, DVM, MS has written a helpful book for anyone with a puppy or thinking of getting a puppy. It tackles the tough task of training with loads of pictures and illustrations. … Continue reading

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Helping Those Who Help Others: Shelter Adoption Ideas – Photography

A couple of months ago we wrote about how a professional photographer could help animal shelters by putting your potential adoptees in a better light. In that post we linked to a blog by Susan Fischer, a photographer who donates her time and sevices to a local shelter to … Continue reading

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Choosing a Pet

Pet Medical Center in Edmond, Oklahoma has good information for you whether you already have animal companions or are thinking of adding one to your family. The link below is to a comprehensive list of things you should consider before … Continue reading

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Weekend Reader

From the books on our desks: At first this is a tale about surving the elements, then it becomes a deeper story about the relationship between a father and son. The story Norman Ollestad shares with us about his survival … Continue reading

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Interior Design: Artwork – Marc Tetro

Maybe all you need to freshen up the public areas of your hospital or shelter is artwork. Below is a link to the colorful and fun paintings of Marc Tetro. Especially interesting are the “pop-outs”, freestanding cardboard versions of his work. … Continue reading

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Green Architecture: Carbon Negative Cement

Animal Arts uses common sense green ideas in every project we design. And we have a few LEED projects in our portfolio. So occasionally we like to pass along some of the information we are looking at. Sometimes these will be proven … Continue reading

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We Are More In Tune to Animals Than We Knew

From a study published in the latest issue of Nature Neuroscience, “the human brain is affected by animals like no other person, place or thing.” Just photos of animals cause unique activity in our brains. It’s probably because the formative years … Continue reading

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