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Design for the Ultimate in Cat Habitats

These beautifully crafted wood, sisal and fabric cat products are the brain child of Stefan Hofmann, carpenter, object artist and founder of Gold Paw. Stefan has designed a range of perches, beds, scratching posts, bridges and litter box cabinets created to … Continue reading

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Biomimicry and the Sloth

  You might wonder what the lovely tree sloth can teach us about energy efficiency and collaboration. Quite a bit apparently.  According to a new article by Dr. Tamsin Woolley-Barker sloths are the great conservation creatures in nature.  They maintain … Continue reading

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Creating Great Outdoor Spaces for Your Dogs

  When creating space in your yard for your dog consider the following eight ideas: Provide fresh water. Safety first. Provide shade and shelter. Make sure your space is toxin free. Create places to play. Design pathways. Use comfortable materials. … Continue reading

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Avian Architects

    Social weaver birds, who are native to South Africa, are the designers and builders of the world’s largest bird nests. Hundreds of social weavers can live in these nests made from twigs, grass, cotton and other natural materials. … Continue reading

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Five Essential Energy Saving Tips for Equine Facilities

  Heather Lewis’s latest guest blog for Classic Equine focuses on the five best ways to save energy. 1.  Insulate the roof. 2. Heat as little as possible. 3. Seal air leaks. 4. Install high efficiency lighting. 5. Do your maintenance. … Continue reading

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Congratulations Josh!

  Congratulations to our own Josh Young, one of the eight University of Colorado at Denver graduate students who designed and built this home in the Navajo Nation. The 745 square-foot Nakai House was built from recycled materials for a … Continue reading

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  While this unique bridge was actually designed by a National Park ranger and not an architect, it’s still pretty cool. Every January 120 million crabs migrate across Christmas Island in the Pacific on their way to the ocean.  Rangers … Continue reading

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